Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New accessories from Daiso

Bento 75

Can you guess....panda bear or dog???Eh....in fact i was making the panda bear but it also look  like doggie,but never mind lah as long as my kids love it.Start from today, i will make 3 bentoes for my kids as my little girl also want the bento, especially she likes the lovey picks and the endamame, so the red box bento was for my little girl.

Logo's floating books fair

Get'em Smackn@ Times Square

My friend open her restaurant  today in and we ordered the bolognese spagetti,sandwiches, roasted chicken and she also gave me two types of soups for free!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Full of Bean

This the first time i see the making of the coffee,so exciting and interesting but i forgot to take the picture of the final made of the coffee.

This one is irish coffee which contain of alchohol, they start to burn the glass so as the rock sugar melted into the alcohol and also so sadly i didn't take the picture of the final made of the coffee, this one is ver special as they place a spoon one the tea cup and the spoon is on fire which contain rock sugar and alcohol, very special.

And these 2 were the manual coffee beans blender,so cute!!
 And finally, my expected longing of the dessert, macarons....i like the chocolate flavor and the rest were very sweet......but is very suitable to goes with coffee.

Sweet Forest desserts

These five types of puffs were got from the sweet forest but so dissapointed that i couldn't try out the macaron.The puff cost RM1.50/pc.

Red box buffet

See....I took all the desserts as i love the desserts and the most i love were the square tarts, i just wonder where can i buy the square tart mould.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Angry Birds cupcakes

i have made many Angry Birds cupcakes for my son to give to his friends,my sons like the white colour angry bird, and this time i added some peanut on the cupcakes under the suger paste and it taste good!!!

Bento 74

Yeah, i finally made the Angry birds bentoes for my kids, the love it very much, and i choose the most simple and easy bird for the bentoes as no need to add many colour for it.