Friday, June 29, 2012

Failure result (Classic souffle)

          These were baked by me which i just realised that i forgot to added some water on the tray after had put into my oven.

                This is the  dessert shown on the book. See what a big different!!!!But it quite nice to eat although not success,i think will try next time.

The plant that miss out on my blog for so long


  This plant was bought together with i bought the sunflower seed, i think would be bought on dated 3.6.12

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The sun shed rack for the plants

  I have done the rack by myself from buying the wood,sawing and nailing,of course with the helpEd of my hubby,though it looks not very nice and not firm as well, but it works very well for shedding the plants,just need to be careful,try not to push or wobble it will be save.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baked mooncake Dated 10.10.2009

I wondered why i didn't keep those baked mooncake in my blog for so many years i repeated of doing it.
I made nutty mooncakes and Teow Chew Mui Chai mooncake(spiral colored skin).The mooncake festival is coming a few months later, i just looked back my blog and realised that i didn't put those pictures in my blog, better keep tracking my picture album from my pc and post on my blog .
This year i think i will not going to do the nutty mooncake........tooo munchy....until tired for munching it, will just make the Teow Chew Mui Chai mooncake and crystal skin mooncake for kids .

Dill plant blossom

                                   Hesitate whether to cut off the flower......................

Dishes for Father's day





New plants again

                              Pennywort   (hydrocleis)


Friday, June 15, 2012

unhealthy herbs

My sweet basil's leaf appeared black spots,that's why i cut it until like that,hopefully the new leaf grows healthy and bushy.

See the thyme.........looks nearly weathered ,the leaf are yellowish and small....

           I really don't know why the lavendula goes sad lah.

This is the oregano, and slowly turn color into a bit brownish

   This is the only rosemary, the fragant herb that's grow nice,my rosemary looks different from others people one lah......mine one, leaf a bit small and shorter.

Desert rose's seed 福贵花

My father in law plant this desert rose and the seed are so special (for me).

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bow (paper folding)

                         These paper folded bow were made by the magazine.instruction here

Chai Tiam Ma

                            I ordered sausages basket and a honey lemon juice

                          Choc brownie with ice cream

Though i didn't take all the view of the shop as the back of the shop quite a nice view ,eehh maybe some other day will continue for rhw shooting.It was the second i went there, the first time i left my handphone at house. Inside there sell a lot of handmade stuff like socks dolls,necklace, keychain.......

Dated 7.6.12 eggshell starter start growing

                           Basil little tiny sprout

                              Sunflower seeds growing out shoot dated 9.6.12 which started plant on 4.6.12 (5days)

Fungal on my composting pot

See what a beautiful umbrella type of fungal grow on my composting pot after some raining days on dated 6.6.12

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another new fun activities of the holiday

               This morning went to Tesco and bought the small pieces of blocks and the 3D types of puzzle

These were the finished job of my sons,but the 3D puzzle were made by me as my little girl still don't know to fix it up.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Paper puppets

                                    The paper puppets were made by this afternoon, the elder son made the bear and the second son made the cat.

Bento 84

                   Skewed diced rice and cocktails sausages,fried mexico chic wing, endamame and the oranges

Adding the seed growing plants

                                    Today try out the tangerine seeds,vietnamese chili padi seeds and this morning bought 2 packs of seeds, sunflowers seeds and melampodium flower seeds.

Rocks paint (lady bugs)

                               These are the rocks i painted into ladybugs,

                                  lovely ladybugs for my small garden decoration,