Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bento 28

Today I used 1 bun and cut into 2 pcs and choco tweegies cut into small pieces and decorated with animal picks.I made the Palmiers which I just learnt from Lily blog,for the bears ears,the Palmiers is delicious and easy to make,I think I should do again so as to finish my puff pastries which I have bought quite some time ago.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My laptop got problem!

What a laptop got some problem in adding image in my blog,now I am using my hubby computer to do the blogging,what should I do now?Should I call up for repairing?

My laptop got problem since few days ago,early time it just loading very slow,now cannot adding the image to my blog.I really don't know how is my life going without my laptop,I always watch Hong Kong movie in PPS and playing some facebook game and doing my blog.Should I really need to repair my laptop,how many days will take to fix up my laptop?Or I just keep on blogging by using my hubby's computer so that I can watch my movie at night.......maybe think about fixing my computer later..............

Bento 27

What a lazy bento.............cut the charcoal bread in circle shape and put some eyes as a dust fairy,I really should put a lot of time in bento making.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Waste money again.........

I bought the cutter, egg mould the lunch box,last time I have broke my son's Thomas lunch box so I need to make a replace of the sesame street box...but I have left one item at the shop because the salesperson forgot to put into the bag,I also didn't notice it until the salesperson phone me after a while but I had already on my way home,I told her to keep for my next visit to shop.

Bento 26

I have no idea of decorate my bento today,but I want to use my new tool and charcoal bread to made the bento .Beside the charcoal bread,I put some "Ma Lai Koh" and some biscuits,it look very simple but the charcoal bread was very good..........I like it ,my sons and my baby like it too,because it was very soft and in sweet taste.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bento 25

The bread smaller than the box and look not nice because I cutted it not perfectly,I wonder how do the bento maker cut the bread just fit to the size of the box.I spreaded the peanut butter ,fruit jam and chocolate as sanwiches and cutted the bear of the cheese,put some prunes and the panda bears choco biscuits.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kid's Meal 11

 Her come the stir fried maggie mee again,although I put the egg but it still look plain for the meal green sons don't like to eat the vegetable,what should I do!?


This bento I had made yesterday for my friend,she had put her bento box in my house for quite some time and I didn't do her the bento,yeaterday I felt free to do her one so as to return her the bento box.I cooked the potatoes chicken,bean with carrots,boiled egg and rice.Can you see there were two little chic in the bento?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tool box

Went to 100 Yen to check out for new stock,but the stock were still the same and I bougth the box for keeping my bento accesories and the small egg shaper,actually I had bougth a lot of the bento stuff but most of them were just for collection.

Kid's Meal

Today I cooked the Japanese rice and mix up with the red bean powder which I have bought from the Japanese store,there got some rice left,so I made into chicken fross sushi rolls.Fried some hashbrown and some sausages.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New gadget

 seaweed puncher and the bread cutter
Car shape(tomica) cutter

Here come again the the tools that I ordered from website,hope that I could frequently use them for bentoing.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bento 23

Today feels lazy but wants to do the simple bento due to my hubby had bought the pies for kids and look special for them,so I just cut into small pieces and put the cute picks and that's it for the bento...........really thanks for the cute animal picks helped me a lot!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Piglet Mooncake

Now is the mooncake festival,this year I just do the Crystal mooncake in small amount because I have limited time to do  a lot as last time.My baby girl become naughtier,she always want to climb up high in just a blink,so I just can do 1 set of the piglet mooncakes.

Bento 22

Ooops......the bears a bit out of shape,that's because the buns were not in the perfect round shape,but still can be known a bears.The ears of the bear I cut from the fish ball (actually should use the egg) and paste the seaweeds,put 2 pieces of chocolate biscuits........and done.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New stuff

The 100 Yen has not much of the bento accesorries but I was so surprised that I found the wings picks there, without any hesitated I grabbed 2 packs of the picks because the picks are very expensive selling on webside.Beside,I also bought the small triangle boxes.............very cute!!!!!1

Bento 21

What do you think these bentos look like?Do the bentos look like have tounge and eyes?
I have made the sushi rolled with sausage,japanese peas,hash brown,meat dumplings and watermelon.I couldn't rolled up the sushi roll properly, it was difficult.......although you see it's quite simple.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bento 20

Today I wake up earlier than before to made this car bento,it took me more than 30mins to finished.This car bread I saw from the bento blogger and decided to make for my son.It was easy to make and the most attractive were the hat picks,it makes the sausages look interesting,but  the sausage's colour didn't look interesting compare to the Japanese red sausage.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kid's Meal

Today I cooked the stuffed chicken wings and the egg with soy sauce,the chicken wings need a lot of time to prepared,I have to pick out the bone,stuffed in the chopped meat,steamed the chicken wing before fried so that it is easy to be cooked.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bento 19

My hubby bought a box of chedder biscuits and  left in the cabinet quite some days,and decided to added them in the bento box for my sons.Cut the cake into small pieces,put a pack of the chedder biscuits and some prune,of course had to put some cute picks to make it looks great.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cute stuff

Wah..........see those little cute picks,it's won't appear in 100 yen store but you can find it in website,Especially the 3D picks like panda picks and the hats picks because they are quite expensive.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kid's Meal

My sons' favorite food,the prawn cracker........cooked the instant noodles with some ham,fish cake and carrot,cutted the orange and that's it for the meal.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bento 18

These were the supper for my sons because they had their dinner at 6pm and they have to take supper every night to make sure that they won't get hungry,they sleep around 10:30pm and they don't like to drink milk, so they will have supper every night.
These bentos were easy,I just spreaded peanut butter with jam and cutted into bear shape,the heart shaped were spreaded "kaya" and milo,my sons love the milo........ either me.

Kid's Meal

Here comes the maggie mee,sausages and the nuggets with some grapes meal.


Wah...what a cute little pick!!!I ordered them from bento craft and I really cannot stop buying the picks although I got a lot now,they are too cute.......

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kid's Meal

I have cooked the egg and the crab filament with some orange,this meal look all in orange colour.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bento 17

These were the kfc bentos to celebrated the be lated birthday for my elder son.Actually I had celebrated his birthday at the day but just the cake only.

Kid's Meal

This time made a bit different,I fried the french fried and the bun with eggs and the BBQ sauce sausages.

Bento 9

Here come the maggie bento again,decorated with sausages,japanese fish cake as flower,fish ball as balloon,carrot,egg as mouse and some champagne grape( kind of miniture grape)

Kid's Meal

I had fried the bihun , jelly and cherries.

Bento 8

I prepared the sandwiches for my sons' breakfast,ham,with peanut butter and the vegetable.

The birthday of my mother in law


At the same day of visiting to ophanage,it was the birthday of my mother in law,I prepared the fruits cupcakes as her birthday cakes but i didn't celebrate the birthday with her because I had a lot of work to be done before I went to orpanage.IN the meantime,I called my friend to help me, because I had to cooked for the day ,and she was very pleased to help me to become my baby nanny........hahaha....

Tea time snack for charity


fruit tarts
The time snack for the Salvation Army Social Fund

Bento 7

This time I fried the indian mee for my sons,I used the maggie mee instead of yellow noodles and some chicken to cooked with the tomato sauce,but where was the curry leaves?I had picked all up because my sons don't like to eat them and cooked some beans and slices the boiled eggs,finally put some red dragon fruits.

A welcome treats for my friends

the cupcakes and the peach flan

My friends had made the appointment with me in early days to visit me,then I planned what food I have to prepared for them as a welcome treat.
Then I had prepared baked pasta, baked potatoes,cupcakes,peach flans and jelly......and of course,some of the food I had prepared  2 days before.
One of my friend didn't eat the pasta because she didn't like pasta,luckily still had the baked potatoes and others food,but  the food were too much for them until they couldn't finished it(3 friends).So I took some for my sons' dinner and they finished it very might be new for them.

The doggie cookies

These recipe I have learned from some other blogger,they look vcery cute but very time consuming.You have to put the ears carefully,the eyes and nose.The recipe was very simple and easy but really need a lot work to make them look cute,my sons love them very much.

Bento 6

These bentos I had prepared a lot of food like rice,hashbrown,ham,carrot,seaweed rolls,fish balls,japanese peas and sausages.

The gift for my very old friend

These cupcakes were for my very very old friend,we were friend since we were in standard 2, and we also took bus to went for the practise of gymnastic it was really a great childwood.
And we were almost 10 years never met,I found her this recently in facebook and she was in England,now she came back to gave birth for her baby.Then I baked her the cupcakes for our meeting and also cheer for her new born baby.

Kid's Meal

I had cooked fillet fish, sausages and boiled egg,my sons love these meal a lot.