Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eggshells seed starter

These project were made together with my kids today, they put in the red beans and draw by themselves.Three of the eggshells were for them and five were mine, i put in 2 types of basil seeds, sweet basil and thai basil,hopefully it grow successfully.

Holiday craft

Tickets of movie

I have been keeping the tickets since last year until today in my bag,that's mean i never do the clean up for my bag.
The tickets were started from date 28.11.2011 The puss in boot at Gurney, 25.3.2012 Seefood  at  1st Avenue TGV and 24.5.2012 Marvel's the avengers Gurney GSC.

New toys from Daiso

                                        Coffee dripper and coffee filter

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Coffee Lane,King street.

It was the second times i went to the shop, the first time was last Sunday Mother's day,that day i brought my girl walked to the Chai Tiam Mah at Queen street.So bad that i forgot to brought my handphone for photo taking,on that day ,they gave a carnation for mother as welcome gift for mother's day.

And today, my hubby's friend brought us to bicycle dealer to seek for used folding bicycle.The shop that near Khoo Kongsi, all sell used bicycle and the condition so so only , the price is cheap.The folding bike that i seek  is cost about RM230 but a bit rusty on screw.
The second bicycle dealer we seek for today is in Macalister lane,they sell new and used bicycle.And the conditioner of the used bike there were very good and the one i seek for is cost RM250, just the head(hander bar) of the bike i don't like,but it looks new.

My green space

                                 transfered into bigger pot

                        new members,4 types of cactuses costed RM 10

                        Gathered the cactuses

                     And decorated with birds and butterfly

                       My green space on my balcony

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Felt stitches dated 21.4.11

                                          friend's birthday gift

Mother's day dishes

                Sauteed with spicy salt &pepper (cheese)

                  Roasted crispy spices chicken

                  Chicken herbal soup

                     Tomyam steamed fish

Doggies felt

Red bean with sweet potato glutinous ball

                      sweet potato glutinous balls

Plant ,plant, plant.

 curry leave, oregano, 2 pots at RM27,i think the boss counted in wrong price,suppose to be RM37 because the oregano and dill cost RM 20  and the pots RM12,and the butterfly leave cost about RM7 then the curry leave she said she give me as free.But i just gave her RM27,i should return her RM10 as she is very kind and nice to me.

Bacopa RM17.90

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bicycle without chain

New green members


                                   polyscias   RM18
                                       Lavendula RM10

Bento gadgets