Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bento 79 Piggy

      white and pink colour pink,but the pink colour was too light,next time should add more sakura denbu

                                                          For little girl

Monday, March 19, 2012

Visiting Zoo at Taiping,on 1.1.12 holiday fun 1


Holiday fun in the house!! 2

  Hve water play on the balcony for 3 days,though the water filled just a few only but they played very fun!

Mosaic play which were bought at Popular,Eldest son's car, second son's aeroplane and girl's swan.

Besides that,i also brought them to 1st Avenue Cinema for cartoon 'seefood' on Thursday 16.3.12

Valentine Gift for friends


Black Ball,Pulau Tikus

Desserts from Meet Fresh, Paragon

Bento 78

Bento 77

Bento 76

Dine in Chicago Gurney Free kids meal

                                              Spare rib combo RM47.90
                                          Black catch (fish) RM19.90

i forgot to snap the photo of the kids meal chicken snack which was FOC and the apple juice and orange juice RM6.90 each refillable.We spend RM94.65 for lunch of the day.