Tuesday, August 31, 2010


These all are the picks and barans,I really can't resist of buying all these cute stuff,althought I got a lot of picks but they were all went to different theme for the bento.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New gadget

When I stepped in the 100yen I couldn't help myself of buying all these little cute stuff, they're like calling me to bring them home(what a crazy imagination)Then I keep on putting them in the basket and end up my money all wave bye bye to me.....
I have bought some seaweed puncher,rice mould,egg mould,egg slicer,veggie or cookies cutter,food cups,sausage cutter,sauce container.......except the rabbit seaweed puncher,that one I have ordered from bento craft.
There got not much bento accessories in 100 yen, but all the stuff there in RM4.90....very cheap compare to online store.

Bento 3

This bento is made by bread stuffed with chicken meat floss and the champaign grapes which look like the miniture grapes.Althought it look simple but also need about 30mins to finished it.

Pasta soup

This is easy to cook the veggie pasta soup,just put in the meat,carrots,potatoes,ikan bilis to make the soup and the pasta cooked separately , drained and set aside.While the soup is cooked just put in the cooked pasta and decorated with ham.

Today I added the luncheon ham and cut into bear shape,but still look simple.....need to add something next time.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Doggie cookies

These recipe I have learn from Rachel Hei blog and it's very cute,actually I like to make the food which look small and cute especially kids will love it.
The ingredient are very simple just the way to make it look cute and nice a bit time consuming.Every doggy have to be scaled and decorated with choc chip,choc rice and coco crunch.I have to choose curvy coco crunch for ears so that it fix well, the equal lenght of choc rice for it's eyes.What a time consuming job,but you will feel happy after you have done all the job,especially the happiness of the kids enjoy and love the cookies!

A gift for my old friend

I have baked these cupcakes for my very very old friend.........my standard 2 old friend, but about more than 10 years never met.
Surprisingly, I found her on facebook, she was in England when I found her and she was planning to come back to her home town for preparing her first child birth.That gave us a chance to meet again,so I baked her the cakes so as to celebrate for her new born baby as well as our meeting.
So happy to met my old friend but she is now away from her hometown to other state.Hope that we could meet again.

Bento 2

I do these bento are for my sons' to bring to school for tea time for my 1st son and breakfast for 2nd son.Don't think decorate the bun is easy, but it's also need some time to cut the seaweed and to paste it on the bun.Of course it's the easiest way to do the bento, lazy.....lazy.........

Kid's Meal

I have decided to make my kids meal special....just once a week...hahaha......lazy mum just place it in the kid's plate also call as special.
I have baked the baked pasta and small peach flan and jelly....all these little treats make my sons eat faster and happier.

My little cupcakes

The first trial of doing these little cupcakes have convinced me that the icing of the cakes will makes the cake attractive and really feel like wants to eat them.
Before I haven't tried to do the cakes, I thought that doing cakes with icing were the tough and skillful job for a person without any skill in baking.Yet.......I have made it....I just followed everythings from the books and it's really works!

All that I really need to thanks to my friend June she have bought me the cupcakes book from England which was quite expensive........She gave me the courage of doing the cupcakes with the icing.

Previuosly I have done the cupcakes before, but it's very simple.... no icing, but my sons like them too.And now,I made these cupcakes with icing........they love it!I also attracted by the cupcakes,I eat some of it and it really tastier and smoother.

But I have to lesser the sugar of the icing,it's very sweet!!!!!I wonder that how could the western people eat so sweet.

Bento accessaries

This is the first time I buy things from online service,I have ordered the quill egg cutter and the bread cutter,another Mickey Mouse cutter,seaweed puncher,flags picks and small heart shaped cups.
I am so excited to received my first parcel from postman because I couldn't believe that the online service (bento craft) would be able to deliver the parcel the next day after I have paid the payment.Although I found the quill cutter have cracked ,but they were do the exchange for me due to the problem of the packaging of the parcel that cause the error.
I think I will do my next order from bento craft because it is cheaper compare to others and the service is very good.

This is my very first bento and i need about 2 hours to finished the bento......from cooking....to preparing the bento.It's really exhausted and tired after i have done all that but felt very happy and successful of doing my bento.

Hope that i will continue for doing my bento and make it in shorter time.