Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spend again in Daiso Gurney

I  bought  a cotton lace yarn, cotton ribbon, green felt, 2 fabric tapes, a box, tool set for cramping double sided grommets and  grommets.

                                       See .....all my buttons put inside the box.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Socks doll book (27.11.2011)

Just to take the record for what i had bought for hand sewing or handcraft books, these were bought last year  when the time of the Popular book fair at Straits Quay.

Books again!!

Yesterday i quickly went to PISA book fair and grabbed these 3 books,There all less 30% sooo worth to buy,I bought these 3 books just costed  RM64.30 only,there still got a lot of hand sewing books,thinking of wants to go there again next week,but there might be crowded as now is holiday, might be a lot people .......

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is it Sunflowers?

 From what i know the sunflower will always face to the direction of sun, but why they all go different direction?

My first hand sewing wrist bag!

So happy that i successfully sew a bag by myself, 100% of hand sew!!!Though it a bit of rough stitch work ,but still very very happy!!Hope that i keep on my hand sewing fever .......please don't let myself  half way.
There will be another book fair tomorrow at PISA ,thinking of going to grab some sewing books!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First time practising sewing the inner bag zip.

Draw the zip size length on the fabric and sew along the drawing.cut the  the line so that the  pocket can go through it.
Turn the pocket through the hole.
Place the zip under the hole, pin it and sew the bottom part of the  edge  of zip hole
Turn the fabric, fold up the pocket end  to the top of the zip edge,pin it and  sew  the  whole edge of the pocket.
sew the partition
Turn the fabric face to face side and sew to make into  a bag

At the two corner of the bag, sew about 4cm length at both corner side
This is the outer cover of the bag
Insert the inner bag into the cover of the bag, waiting for sewing up the zip.
It was the first practicing sewing the zip as well as sewing bag,i used the cheap sample pack of the fabric to do the practicing , as you can see the stitching is very rough .My explanation is very bad as i am not good at english, due to my computer having some problem in the way of inserting the chinese words ,and other function,that's why i ought to type in bad bad english,hope that next time i could understand what i had posted out when retrieve back for reference.
I learnt from here!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New hobby materials arrived

I received the sewing materials today from BB Quilt,i never seen all these material before,i worry that i am going to be crazy of purchasing the materials ,but not working out for doing the sewing!!!

My hubby bought me this Japan imported fabric,love the color,printing and the texture is very soft.


I wonder why my sunflowers are so small???Like the size of chrysanthymum.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chicken bento 89

Books borrowed from my sister

Aiya.....if my sister let me know early that she got the bags crafting books i no need to buy so many .......

Spend again

This morning i bought a book again together with the zips and the fabric for inner part of the bag.The pig bento box and the covered button crafting kit were bought last week from Daiso.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My new interest

I bought the books from Times Square which got small book exhibition there,all books less 20%,so it worth to buy.The book price RM33 each +20% less.
The shopping mall there also got a shop that sell some handmade stuff,the cotton linen were bought from there.The patterned cotton linen cost RM10 /pc, the plain cotton linen cost RM15 and the label RM3.

Sweet home, time square

the sunflowers starts growing bud

What a crowded young sprouts from cock's head plant

Bento 88

       The angry bird fish cakes were bought from market,it were quick and easy bentos for the day.

Sambal okra